All about ammo leather watch bands

All about ammo leather watch bands - finwatchstraps

Watch bands delivered utilizing ammo pockets: the new noticeable example for the watch ties age. 

My most adored material is "ammo leather". Ammo leather has transformed into a run of the mill name among watch aficionados to portray vintage leather from old military ammunition, essentially ammo pockets. Excellent leather made to rearward in brutal conditions.

Also, Swiss army belts can be used as perfect material for the ammo watch bands. The special feature of such straps is that they will last ages: made for the tough army conditions from the thick (3,5-4 mm) vegetable tanned leather, the straps are waterproof and not strertchy at all. 


The specialty of the ammo watch straps is they are not possible to repeat or make 2 the same straps: every pouch or belts are unique in shades and colors. And have unique makes of use. 

ammo military pouch

I get my pouches and belts generally from military surplus vendors from transversely over Europe. Each one of my bags has been used in the organization, and all have great patina.

By age and use, every ammunition is unique. If you find a shading, you like among the photographs in my Instagram or Facebook feed I will endeavor my best to find a similar tone. No doubt it won't be a right match, and the signs of wear (and any stamps) will differ.

Ammo bands can be settled with consistent veg tan calfskin. It gives a slight separation between the surface-and covering leather in any case; specifically, it gives you clean regularly tanned leather against your skin.

ammo watch strap, ammo watch band, military band

There are exist particular leathers, the flood of the  Swiss, French and Yugoslavia military. Most surplus pockets return to the nineteenth undertaking. Some are from eh 1940th, others are from 1980th. Each piece is a bit of military history, bringing not merely remarkable band appearance to the watch proprietors, yet also some importance and history behind, events and stories the pocket has onlookers quite a while back.

Not surprisingly, the ammo pouches are so outstanding, so exceptional in this manner asked for among the watch fans for the making of the hand-made to orchestrate and unique watch ornament.


Swiss ammo leathers are probably the most praised one. There are two or three sorts of Swiss ammo pockets and military belts out there, the ones I use take after this. 

ammo watch strap, ammo watch band

The ones I have returned to the 1960s and I get them in an arrangement of shades, from light tan to a high degree dull dim hued. At the point when all is said in done, the Swiss ammo leathers are unblemished and have no disquieting smell.

Essentially, an incredibly good leather of wonderful quality. Amazingly, the Swiss pockets are progressively challenging to take a few to get back some composure of which is reflected in the expense.

I reuse most parts of the pack when I make a  watchstrap. The most engaging portion is commonly the back where you will find two or three stamps. All sacks are separate from the maker's mark, the year the pack was made and a Swiss military image. The plan of these stamps may contrast radically and routinely the year the sack was made will be fused with the maker's check.

If its all the same to you be urged that I have started seeing an impressive parcel of fraud "Swiss ammo straps". The signs of these will move yet look for enormously smooth leather and markings that give off an impression of being indistinguishable beginning with one lash then onto the following. All my Swiss ammo leathers are the real ones.


I hold the Swedish ammo leathers close heart, not all that much. The pouches return to on any occasion the 1970s and were made to hold four fastens for the Swedish sub programmed rifle, M45CG. These packs are created utilizing excellent Swedish veg-tanned leather. They have been used generally over noteworthy bunches of time sometime back when Sweden had a compulsory military organization for each youthful individual.

The mind-boggling use is reflected in the packs. They are often exceptionally chaotic and scarred. They have been secured in weapons holds for broad stretches of time giving them a specific smell that will stay with the finished tie for quite a while. I clean the leathers already I make lashes out of them, an oppressive method, anyway the smell will stay for quite a while still. Underneath all the oil and soil I frequently find a particularly smooth and sound leather overflowing with the character making my Swedish ammo straps an excellent, harsh and extreme choice.


The French ammo leathers you don't see as often as possible as the Swiss. They are for the most part suggested as "painted french ammo" due to how the leather isn't shaded through. The leathers I have are not in truth painted; they are what is called pigmented leathers. The French pouches are when in doubt perfectly right, commonly in light darker tints - an undisputed best decision of mine.

FinWatchStraps makes watch straps from ammo pockets, bought transversely over Europe from the military surplus suppliers. We picked the best quality vintage leathers, and also hand-make uncommon watch bands for the work well-known need brands.

FInWatchStraps makes watch bands from the ammo pouches and other ammunition accessories from the 19th century bought transversely over Europe from the military surplus suppliers. We picked the best quality vintage leathers, and also hand-make uncommon watchbands for the work well-known need brands. 

Feel free to contact us for special inquiries and custom made ammo pouches. We list some products online, however, some rare leathers or colors might not be always presented at our web-store. Thus, it's good to send special inquiries directly by email 

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