Delving deeper into the world of Apple watch replacement watch bands

Delving deeper into the world of Apple watch replacement watch bands - finwatchstraps


The Apple Watch series has taken the horology industry by the scruff of the neck with the watch proving to be head and shoulders above its competitors. Today we shall be taking a look at an essential part of the watch that is just as important to the make-up as the timepiece itself: the Apple watch replacement band.

Spoilt for choice

Arguably among the strongest selling point of the technology giant’s hit product is that the Apple watches come in a variety of beautiful and artistic replacement bands of all shapes, sizes, design and composition. To paint the picture of the exact numbers in existence, there are over 71 watch band flavors available, differing in size, color and case material. It has even become the norm for Apple lovers to have many watch band options for different occasions as the bands themselves are easily interchangeable.

One particular watch band variety that catches the eye In this wide collection, it is only natural that a few stand out from the pack. While it’s hard to pinpoint an Apple Watch band that has failed to deliver in terms of aesthetic value among other important qualities, it is a fact that some are simply a cut above the rest. And in the spirit of separating the utterly brilliant from the remarkably good, we shall be casting our gaze upon one particularly successful brand that is the Horween leather watch band.

More about FinWatchStraps bands

This vintage watch band is handmade in Finland from the finest, durable and top-notch Horween leather this planet to offer. Finwatchstraps, the experienced manufacturer behind the band, might employ a more traditional’ means of manufacturing that is handcrafting, but make no mistake about, the Horween watch band collection is the epitome of elegance and ingenuity at its best.

Finwatchstraps has come up with various alluring design variations that encompass different enthralling shades of leather, beguiling buckle and hole designs, beautifully polished stainless steel accents and artistic embroidery among many other beautiful aspects and finishing. The devil is the detail with this band as the crafters pay serious attention to the nitty-gritty meaning each design comes with its own set of unique and stylish alterations. Moreover, every watch band can be customized for you to match your unique personality: such as buckle and stitch color choice, adapter color and leather combinations. Choose or create the watch band that you will really love! 

The design inspirations are drawn from the mesmerizing lakes and Nordic Nature that is synonymous with the Helsinki (in Finland) scenery where the manufacturer is based. In fact, you also get a say in the final outlook as the bands are customized as per customer requests. You can specify the adaptor color, the buckle design and the stitching color among a host of other parameters. Examples of notable Apple watch bands in the Horween shelve include Chromexcel, Derby, Dublin and Phantom leathers: 

Burgundy Horween Chromexcel Pull-up Leather

Horween Derby English Tan Leather

Derby Nut Brown

Black Chromexcel

Dark brown Chromexcel

Phantom waterproof

Horween Dublin Cognac

Much like the yin and yang that complement each other within the confines of the sphere of existence, an Apple watch is only as good as the band connecting its edges. In a nutshell, the watch band is a vital accessory for the Apple watch therefore it is important that you get one that brings out the best of the watch. If you can’t quite put a finger on the exact watch band that tickles your fancy, then the Horween leather watch band collection could be a good starting point. 

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