Luxury exotic masterpiece on your wrist or alligator leather watch straps

Luxury exotic masterpiece on your wrist or alligator leather watch straps - finwatchstraps

Alligator leather, marked as the most expensive reptiles’ leather, is the symbol of luxury and individuality. Accessories made of this exotic material look fashionable and point out the status of their owner.

Alligator leather has unique features. It is solid and exceptionally supple in the same time. The differently shaped hide’s scutes compose an extraordinary tight pattern that is one-of-a-kind for every leather piece. That is why alligator leather accessories are smooth and comfortable in wearing, everlasting and having texture, that is unrepeatable.

Worth to mention, that an accessory from alligator leather will last many years with a little proper care. It should be stored in a cool and dry place and not be folded in unusual positions. The item is cleaned with a soft tissue and never with household chemical and solvents. To save the leather elasticity and attractive appearance apply special leather conditioner for exotic leather as others may cause the loss of the gloss and color saturation. If your beloved alligator accessory become wet, take soft absorbent textile and gently remove excess water. Than let it thoroughly dry in a natural way without sunlight or heating devices and apply suitable leather conditioner. Following these easy care steps will help to enjoy luxurious alligator leather accessories for a long time.

Alligator leather is an outstanding material to produce stunning watch straps. At FinWatchStraps we offer you artisan alligator leather bands, that are tailored in exquisite detail from straps measurements, models and accessories to leather, stitching and edge paint color. 

For our products we source the top-quality certified alligator skin from the tannery in Italy with long history and experience in leather processing. Each wrist band is handcrafted with passion and together with your luxury watches will compose a perfect duet elevating your style. 

The alligator leather watchstraps collection may be checked here:

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