Magnetic stingray leather for everlasting watch straps

Magnetic stingray leather for everlasting watch straps - finwatchstraps

Stingrays are fantastic animals that possess incredible wispy grace while moving silken wings and mysteriously sliding through the infinite blue water. Their skin is also something out of this world and catches eye for viewing in details for a couple of minutes that could seem be endless.

The skin texture is beaded, that makes it being truly distinct and spectacular.  This layer is a perfect decor while functions in fact as a  protection from predators.

Long years ago these pearls on the stingray skin were believed to bring people good luck and prosperity, and the skin’s strength resulted from the calcium content of the beads dictated the use of stingray skin fro ancient warriors and samurai swards’ grips. Indeed, this material is very durable and resistant to water, punctures and tearing. Compared to the cow skin it is 25 times stronger. Also, it is water resistant and very lightweight.

What is interested, beaded skin texture can be also slightly effaced. This handling unveils another stingray skin appearance with distinct mosaic patterns. The material high durability is not affected.

Being so invulnerable, stingray leather still needs proper care. Clean your out-of-the-sea accessory with soft dry cloth, sponge slightly in case of water exposure and let dry thoroughly an a natural way. Consistently condition stingray item with a treatment product for exotic leathers. And no less important is appropriate storage in a cool dry place, better in some breathable cloth or soft tissue.

Stingray leather is excellent material for producing various accessories, for instance watch straps. Such accessory looks stunning and attractive, has its own unrepeatable character and everlasting tear quality. At FinWatchStraps you can easily order a new completely tailored artisan wrist band for your watches. We use certified stingray skins processed with metal-free technology in Italy.

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