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Omega and interesting facts to reveal - finwatchstraps

Omega is one of the most well-known Swiss luxury timepiece brands all over the world. It is also a member of the Swatch Group that is frequently mentioned. If you think you know everything about Omega, you may still want to check what you have missed. This 170-year-old company is more special than we think, so stay tuned and see what makes this brand so interesting! 

Omega was founded by Louis Brandt in 1848 with the former name “La Generale Watch Co”, later incorporated the name “Louis Brandt & Fils” in 1877 when his son joined in. It was not until 1903 that the company changed their name to “Omega” due to the success of the Omega caliber which was known to be accurate and easy to repair. When Omega won first prize at 1931 Geneva Observatory trials – the events held to test different types of timepieces, a slogan was developed for the brand marketing “Omega - Exact time for life”. The result of Observatory trials was the most prominent evidence that made the company the largest producer of COSC – the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute that is in charge of verifying the accuracy and precision of wrist watches in Switzerland - from 1958 to 1969.   


Omega introduced themselves as the brand with pioneering spirit. Excellence, precision and innovation are the core values that Omega is striving for. The development of the company led to subsequent historical events that elevated Omega to a higher position in watchmaking industry:

1932, Omega started to be the official timekeeping device of the Olympic Games. The brand also devoted to later Olympics Games, such as 2006 Winter Olympics, 2008 Summer Olympics, 2010 Winter Olympics, etc. and the latest one was the 2104 Sochi Winter Olympic Games.

1968, Omega Speedmasters was used by Ralph Plaisted in a 43-day trek from Canada’s Ward Hunt Island to the North Pole. This was the first surface expedition that was carried out. 

1969, as the choice of NASA, Omega was the first watch on the Moon

1995, Omega was worn by James Bonds in the films

1998, Omega became a member of Swatch Group. The brand belongs to the Prestige and Luxury Range

Omega has been the favorite brand of many world leaders and famous people. Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev possessed a gold Constellation Manhattan. John F. Kennedy – America’s 35th president -  wore an Omega watch at his inauguration in 1961. Elvis Presley had an Omega when photographed. The list of notable Omega watch owners is endless, meaning that this watch brand is so popular in the luxury watchmaking industry!


Omega watches are available for both men and women with the price varies from $1.720 to $87.750. In addition to metal and NATO straps, leather is the most common material that is used for Omega watch bands. Leather has been serving as the indispensable component of the Omega wristwatches from the very first one in 1900.

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