Python leather watch straps: an exotic cocktail of luxe and premium quality

Python leather watch straps: an exotic cocktail of luxe and premium quality - finwatchstraps

Python skin accessories symbolize high status, elegancy and delicate style. Many famous designers are inspired by this exclusive material to meet the demands of high-end clients.

Genuine python skin has a combination of softness, flexibility and durability qualities. The skins are light. Its exotic appearance has unrepeatable pattern arising from rhombic scales with rounded edges. They are smaller than alligator’s scales and create their own distinctive and luxury look for any garment or accessory. Python leather could be bleached and dyed in multiple tints saving its texture and durability. 

Because of the scales python leather requires special treatment. First of all, cleaning and maintenance should be made in a direction of the scales grow. With time the sheds can lift up or roll slightly, but inappropriate care can make its completely drastic. To wipe out dust use soft dry cloth, in case of any stains dampen the cloth and blot the stain’s area gently. Python leather is sensitive to the water exposure, so better to protect it with special sealer for exotic leathers. If your beloved accessory got wet let it dry naturally and do not use any excessive heat. Store in a cool dry place, protected from the sunlight. These few care steps help to assure the python leather accessories longevity.

At FinWatchStraps we use python leather from the Italian tannery with metal-free technique. From this exclusive material we produce artisan wrist bands for premium watch enthusiasts.

We gladly invite you to have a look at our handcrafted python leather watchstraps and design your own straps here

Please contact us in case of any questions on our products and service by email or What's app +358 44 971 32 35.

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