Tudor watch: out of the Rolex shade

Tudor watch: out of the Rolex shade - finwatchstraps

Do you know Rolex? Since you’re reading this article, you probably know something about watch, or at least that famous watch brand. This article is not about Rolex for sure, it’s about Tudor, a high-quality wristwatch brand that was registered on behalf of by Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex. 

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Founded in 1926, 21 years later since the born of Rolex, Tudor was seen as the more affordable alternative to Rolex. These watches were using off-the-shelf caliber with the cases that were uniquely designed for Rolex, therefore allowing the lower price while still maintaining the quality and reliability of the watch. Tudor has been well known for their watches produced for professional divers and the military. The Tudor Submariners were used by US Navy and French Navy. The brand released the first Tudor watch for Australian market in 1932. These watches were exclusively delivered to the Willis company, then were distributed to the best jewellery shops there.  

With similar styles, similar quality, similar material and same service center (Rolex Service center), it’s not exaggerated to say that Tudor is another Rolex, but more affordable.   

Many watch lovers have been expressing their positive attitude towards Tudor watches due to the same quality yet more affordable price compared to Rolex. The combination of ETA movement and exclusive case from Rolex makes these watches worth buying. Some also claim that Tudor watch should be one of 10 luxury watches that men should invest in right now. Although some argue that the ETA movement is overpriced, the value of Tudor remains unchanged due to the ruggedness, accuracy and precision of the caliber. 

 Tudor watches are available in most of the countries in the world. Although the brand stopped selling watches in the US in 2004, it came back to this enormous market in 2013 with elevated modern design and technical experiment. Tudor has been gradually claiming its position in the watchmaking industry, escaping the shadow of its big brother.

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