Wild but yet understated style of lizard leather for unique watch straps

Wild but yet understated style of lizard leather for unique watch straps - finwatchstraps

Lizard skins are not so wide spread in production as alligator and python skins that are recognized as high-end fashion leathers. Yet, lizard skin is precious by its versatile usage and excellent qualities. 

Lizard leather is thinner than most other exotic skins, but durable as an alligator one. Also, this hide has a distinct characteristic. It contains almost no calcium that favors its softness and flexibility advantage in comparison to alligators and stingrays.  Additional low calcium content benefit is that lizard hide can be dyed and bleached easily, so any tint is possible. 

In the same time lizard skins catch eye with their natural wild intricate pattern and bright blaze on sleek scales.

Now few words about lizard leather care. First of all, remember that scales have their own direction, so any maintenance manipulations should be done in a right way. If you have any doubt about the last, just run you finger gently across the leather surface in a straight line. Your tactile receptors should feel smooth sliding, that is the right way. Clean lizard products with soft cloth. In case of spots, use slightly damped cloth and wax- and alcohol-free leather cleaner for exotic reptile leathers. Leather conditioner is applied gently according to the scales direction. To protect you item from water, use non-silicon water protector for exotic reptiles’ leathers, better in a spray option. In case of liquid exposure, blot up with dry cloth or tissue. And finally and obviously, store lizard accessories in a cool dry place.

Lizard leather ideally suits for small patterns production, for instance watch straps. Design your unrepeatable wrist band at FinWatchStraps and you will get a new handcrafted and tailored watch accessory.

The skins for our products are processed in Italy with non-metal technique. 
We kindly offer you to check our collection here https://www.finwatchstraps.com/collections/lizard-leather-watch-strap.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us concerning any questions on our products and ordering by email finwatchstraps@gmail.com or or What's app +358 44 971 32 35.

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